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The Learning Connection inspires children to connect with the world around them as teachers develop themes exploring science, nature, people, and places.  Students use music, dance, dramatic play, and art to express their responses to unit themes. 

Faith Alive activities introduce Biblical values and principles in an age appropriate format.  Mission and inter-generational service projects help students put theory into practice.  Bible memory and Christian character traits are also part of the Bible curriculum.

Writing and Reading are everyday activities in the early years program.  A print rich environment stimulates curiosity for both the writing and reading processes.  Students use invented spelling, phonics, graphics, and picture drawing in their efforts to produce written expression.  Writing tools are always accessible.  Labeling, describing, and journaling are daily tasks.  Big books and standard-sized versions let children know that reading is fun.  Our kindergarteners also learn to read and write using the Wilson program.

Parent involvement in the educational process is welcomed at PCA.  Opportunities to assist with learning centers, process writing, and language experience activities are provided.  Parent participation benefits everyone at the school and adds a certain excitement and enrichment to the learning process.

In these programs and all other curriculum experiences, provision is made for the developmental readiness, uniqueness, and needs of the child.

Curriculum Overview

The classrooms of PCA’s early education programs are lively, wonderful places for children to grow and develop.  The atmosphere is deliberately peaceful, loving, and kind allowing gifted teachers to teach and inquisitive students to learn.  The classrooms reflect a culturally diversified student population and a sensitivity to varying learning styles. Concerned and imaginative teachers make learning enjoyable.

A PCA student’s appetite for learning draws its strength from the freedom to pursue interests in a guided learning setting.  The natural integration of Biblical principles into the curriculum is fundamental in our early education program.



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