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Here at Penn Christian Academy, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with Christian homeschooling families to broaden each child's educational experience.  We ask that at least one parent/guardian be a Bible-believing Christian in order that the values, behavior guidelines, and sportsmanship we adhere to might also be in agreement with what is taught in the home.


Children from age 3 through grade 8 are welcome to apply to participate in our many athletic teams and clubs.  The full list of options can be seen under the "About PCA" tab.  In addition, we would like to invite students in grades 1-8 to participate in various academic classes.  


To start this process, please call 610-279-6628 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  A fee of $100 per family will apply to register your child/ren for as many teams, clubs, or classes as they would like to join throughout the school year.  A parent faith interview will then be conducted to approve admission into our programs.  Should entrance into an academic class be desired, a $50 placement test may be required.


As your son or daughter has interest in various extracurriculars throughout the year, the standard enrolled student's athletic or club fee plus an additional 50% will be due.  For classes that meet during the school day, the fee structure below applies.  The annual per-course fees listed are based on $10 per session multiplied by the expected number of class periods each subject would have per year.  

Major Courses:

multiple times per week

  • Bible… $1750

  • Language Arts/Grammar… $1750

  • Mathematics/Algebra/Geometry… $1750

  • Reading/Literature… $1750

  • Science… $1750

  • Social Studies/History… $1750

  • Spanish… $350-EL/$700-MS

Homeschool families selecting multiple academic courses or enrolling multiple children

may receive a 25% discount on the individual charges.

Special Classes:

approximately once per week

  • Art… $350

  • Chapel… $350

  • Computer Science… $350

  • Health… $350-MS

  • Library… $350-EL

  • Music… $350

  • Physical Education… $350-EL/$700-MS (double length period)

  • Woodworking… $175-MS

Note: If the class that a homeschooler attends is scheduled directly before or after a lunch or recess period, that student may be invited to attend that lunch and/or recess at a per day charge of $10 provided that the student upholds an exceptional standard of behavior.


Most homeschool students can also make a smooth transition into full-time education at Penn Christian Academy should you desire it.  Mid-year enrollment is possible as long as the particular grade has an opening.  Feel free to contact us at 610-279-6628 if you have any questions!