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The PCA School Board consists of nine voting members, seven of whom are current parents of PCA students.  The Senior Administrator is a non-voting member of the school board.  Board members serve three-year terms up to a maximum of six years in succession.  The board chairman is voted upon by the members of the school board.  The school board meets monthly and is responsible for setting the policy of the school and for the performance and guidance of the Senior Administrator.  School board members have authority as members only when they meet together as a board.  Correspondence for the school board should be directed to the school board president or the Senior Administrator.  Penn Christian Academy is grateful for the investment in time these individuals dedicate to pursuing godly wisdom while providing leadership for our school family.
Current School Board Members include:
Bruce Fleming (2014-2020) - President, Education Committee 
Gina Bennett (2015-2018) -  Vice President
Brian Roach (2013-2019) - Treasurer, Finance Committee
Chet Heilman (2015-2018) - Secretary
Michelle Moriniere (2017-2020) - Development Committee
Sam Nelaturi (2013-2019) - Technology Committee
Jennifer Kennedy (2017-2020) - Admissions Committee
Robert Hill (2017-2020) - Athletics Committee
Jonathan Bova (2017-2020) - Building & Grounds Committee