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I fell in love with PCA from the first year my children attended the school. Not only were the teachers friendly and professional, but the PCA community felt like a home. If I had a problem, the staff, parents, and even students would stop and pray with my family or me. The PCA community made it very easy for me to be involved. They presented plenty of opportunities to connect with other Christian families. My children have bonded with students from all grades.  


Penn Christian Academy is a dual accredited, highly academic institution. Small class size combined with excellent curriculum and loving, creative teachers yields a joyful learning environment! The ethnically diverse school community is known for its family feel. Meeting individual needs of students and offering many opportunities for academic advancement are signature features. Curriculum includes reading, language arts, math, social studies, science, Bible, Spanish, library, computer science, art, music, and physical education. Students are presented with a biblical worldview and guided spiritually to develop characters that reflect Christ. Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Science Fair, Speech Meet, music presentations, and International Month Study and Celebration Night are highlights. We are blessed to see PCA' s impact on the academic careers and spiritual lives of our two children. Both benefited from advancement at PCA and were then eligible to continue advancement in high school, accrue many college credits in high school, and earn hefty college scholarships. Our family highly recommends PCA to other Christian families looking for an exceptional, affordable education! 


Penn Christian Academy has been an excellent school for our son. The academics are a cut above all the other schools we looked into to and have prepared our son for high school at a level much higher than what a typical 9th grader would start out at. Family oriented surroundings and Christian based education as well as the excellent staff and teachers have been what drives Penn Christian Academy for the last 48 years. Our son attended from the 3 year old program to 8th grade, and I was amazed at how the children respect and love each other from the small ones to the oldest ones. Penn Christian has all the specials programs, music, art, library, and gym as well as many after school programs so that your child will continue to learn even after the school day has finished. The school also offers a summer camp program that allowed our son to learn and play during the summer. Best decision we made as parents was sending our son to Penn Christian Academy!  


Our school provides a caring environment that teaches the whole child. Our children are highly motivated to set goals for themselves and work hard to accomplish them. As such, the students do very well academically but also know that there is more to school than just getting good grades. They learn to be peaceful, loving, and kind to others.


As a graduate of Penn Christian Academy, I can truly say that the education I received there was worth every penny! I was really well prepared for high school and was ready to excel in the highest level classes. The Biblical worldview and foundation that I learned at PCA will also stick with me forever. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who serve there; it is evident how much everyone cares!


Years ago, we enrolled our son at Penn Christian Academy (PCA). He had completed first grade in the local public school but had serious reading problems which were not addressed by his school. His public school was planning to place him into grade two although they could not tell us how they would address the reading problem. PCA accepted him although they wanted him to repeat first grade. We agreed. His first grade teacher, as well as some "outside" remediation slowly improved his reading skills. We believe that the positive educational environment at PCA (as opposed to the ongoing classroom turmoil in his public school) greatly contributed to his success as well. Our son continued his education through high school at a Christian school followed by undergraduate college at a highly-regarded Christian college. Currently, he is a candidate for his PhD in the science field. We believe that his educational foundation was solidified at PCA through the work of the teachers and the positive atmosphere of the school. PCA gets our thanks and our highest recommendation.


I have had the opportunity to enroll my daughter into PCA and it has been a blessing to our family. She was supposed to start as a Kindergarten and the Early Education Director noticed that she was not quite ready and needed a little bit more help because she was getting stressed out and they wanted her to feel successful. It was the best decision, and, even though I was not in agreement at first, it truly was the best move I could have made as a parent. They were loving and Christian like with telling me, and she flourished beyond leaps and bounds. She is so strong academically and socially. She is currently in kindergarten doing 1st grade math and she is more than loving and strong in her Bible verses than she has been in the last year. The staff is a blessing and genuine. Both my husband and I are very much involved and PCA-- it's not just a school, it's a family. I would recommend that, if you want to see your child grow, send them here. 


I have had 2 children at PCA. Their motto is Peaceful, Loving, and Kind. They are all of those things. But, they are also a high academic school as well. Their curriculum is very advanced with an emphasis on math, but they also have great programs in history, science, English, etc. The quality of teachers and administrative staff is top notch. They are very responsive and caring. There's also a very involved parent group. Biblical principles are integrated into everything they do. My children have been challenged are are very highly prepared for the next level.


We love PCA!  I'm so glad my granddaughters can attend a school that offers such warmth and breadth in education to its students!


Love this school.  Great atmosphere.  Lovely, lovely staff.  Very family oriented and friendly which was so important to me.  I'm a huge fan!


Penn Christian Academy is an amazing institution that has caring and devout teachers and staff members. In Fall 2014, my son was beginning pre-school. My son had severe separation anxiety issues and the staff at PCA made sure he felt loved and safe on a daily basis. Staff members provided me details throughout his day to make sure that I felt comfortable since I, too, was dealing with anxiety since he was in a new school, as well as a new state. My son is now in Kindergarten at PCA and is thriving. Not only does he receive a top notch education, but he still has teachers who love and care for him and who continue to help him through any anxiety or emotional issues. The staff go above and beyond to communicate with me so that I am aware about his day. We have watched him continuously grow and progress in all areas, which we know is a direct result of the commitment and success of the Christian education that we have chosen for him. PCA is a loving and extremely safe environment that we feel blessed to be part of. 


These testimonials were all written in the last several years by members of the PCA Family.  Read more reviews at our Facebook page by clicking here




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